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Scholarships in New Zealand 

There are a number of scholarships for students who wish to study in New Zealand. Please visit Study in New Zealand website to get the full details and the qualifications required. We will be glad to assist you to get maximum scholarships. Here are a few names of the scholarships available to international students.

A C Rayner Memorial Scholarship $1,200.00 One year

A K Elliot Memorial Scholarship $5,000 One year.

Academy of Korean Studies Master of Arts Scholarships Up to $30,000pa international students Up to 2 years

Agnes Paykel PhD Scholarships Up to $27,000pa plus domestic PhD fees and international student health insurance (if applicable) Up to 3 years.

Alison Morton Scholarship in Ecology/Marine Biology Approximately $1,500 ,One year

Alpine Fault Seismology Masters by Thesis Scholarship Stipend of $16,000 and domestic tuition fees for one year.

Andrea Brander Accommodation Scholarship $1,500 one year

Arts Scholars Scholarship $2,000 towards tuition fees one year

Asian Development Bank Japan Scholarship

Auckland Council Research Scholarship in Urban Economics $2,000 or $4,000 one year

AUEA Braithwaite-Thompson Graduate Research Awards Up to $10,000 , one year

AUT Vice Chancellor's Doctoral Scholarships An annual stipend of $25,000 per year, plus tuition fees and student services fee.

Barry Spicer and Owen G Glenn PhD Scholarships Up to $30,000 pa + compulsory fees

Brownlie Scholarship $26,000 per annum plus tuition fees at the New Zealand domestic rate , 3 years

Business, Economics and Law Doctoral Fees Scholarship

C. Wright Mills Scholarship In Anthropology $3,750 per annum

Cecil Segedin Postgraduate Scholarships in Engineering Science, Value of $5,000 per annum.

Cecil Segedin Undergraduate Scholarships in Engineering Science, Value of $5,000 per annum.

Charles Cook, Warwick House, Memorial Scholarship ,$1,000 each year.

Colab PhD Scholarship , $25,000 annual stipend plus fees

Computer Graphic Design Fees Scholarship , Up to $5,000

Dame Margaret Clark Scholarship in Political Science , Up to $5,000

Dean's Asia Scholarships in the Faculty of Business and Economics

Deans International Doctoral Scholarships (FMHS) ,Up to $27,000 stipend, compulsory fees, relocation grant, and health insurance.

Dow AgroSciences Bursary in Chemical Engineering , $2,500

Energy Education Trust of New Zealand Doctoral Scholarships, Up to $8,000 each per annum.

Ernest Marsden Scholarship in Physics

Ernst and Young Scholarship in Accounting

Ethel Rose Overton Scholarship

Faculty of Arts International Masters Degree Scholarships , Up to $10,000

FASS Study Abroad Fees Scholarship , up to NZ$3,000 per academic year

Frank Evison Research Scholarship in Geophysics

George Mason Scholarship in Biological Sciences, Up to $25,000 per annum

Graduate Pathways Scholarship - School of Government , $10,000 towards course fees

Hilary Jolly Memorial Scholarship

Jack Pearce Research Scholarship in New Zealand or English Histor

James E Worsfold Scholarship $3,000 each year.

Joan Mary Burns Memorial Scholarship in History

Jones Lang LaSalle Property Scholarship Up to $5,000 pa

Ken Lim Memorial Scholarship , Up to $5,000 per annum

Linguistics Postgraduate Scholarships , Up to $6,000 each.

Marion Rayward Memorial Scholarship in Music

Master of Arts Scholarship in Applied Language Studies or Professional Language Studies

Master of Drug Discovery and Development Scholarship

Mckenzie Music Therapy Scholarship

Mike Collins Scholarship

New Zealand Business and Parliament Trust Scholarship

New Zealand Commonwealth Scholarships

New Zealand Development Scholarship

New Zealand Excellence Awards

New Zealand International Doctoral Research Scholarships (NZIDRS)

New Zealand Seafood Scholarship

Noni Wright Scholarship, $5,000, one year

Owen Browning Scholarships In Forestry , $5,000 , one year

Pacific Studies (Samoan Transnational Matai) Marsden Doctoral Scholarship , $25,000 , three years

PhD Scholarship - Economics of Disasters

Rachael Westergaard Memorial Masters Scholarship in Geophysics

SEG Scholarship - For International Students

Shafi Family Scholarship

Sir Neil Isaac Scholarship In Environmental Science

Sir Roy Mckenzie Deaf Scholarship

Statistics Fees Scholarship

Stephen Coleman Memorial Scholarship

Susan Price Scholarship

T W Adams Scholarship In Forestry

The Google Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship: Asia Pacific

The Murray Wren Doctoral Scholarship in Architecture

The Murray Wren Masters Scholarship In Architecture

Toi Whakaari International Scholarship

William and Ina Cartwright Scholarship

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