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Our Services

Our education consultant services offer comprehensive guidance and support to help you navigate the complex world of education. Whether you’re a high school student planning for college, a graduate looking to pursue advanced studies, or an international student seeking study abroad opportunities, we are here to assist you. Our experienced consultants provide personalized advice, helping you choose the right educational path, explore scholarship options, and navigate the application process smoothly. We are dedicated to helping you make informed decisions and achieve your academic goals. Trust us to be your partner in unlocking your educational potential and setting you on the path to success.

It is always difficult for the students to select which career path they should follow. With the increasing number of career options today it has become a far more complex decision. It requires an individual’s interest, skill set, qualifications and personality to correspond with each other. Moreover, there are various emotional hazards such as doubt, confusion and apprehension.

Connect to our experts for best Career Counselling which enables you to make the right Career choices. Our Career Counselling Experts can help you make the perfect career plan depending on your area of interest. Our unbiased Career Advice service helps you bring clarity to your thought process and simplify the decision to take the right career decisions.

A group of highly motivated and skilled tutors, who have over two decades of expertise driving thousands of ambitious test seekers like you to excellence. Our students routinely achieve top test scores, thanks to the exceptional tutoring by our passionate and accomplished faculties and our test prep methodologies that are highly effective, yet are easy, interactive & fun. Enrol with us and get the score you are aiming for, effortlessly.

We help you choose the ideal course, university & country that perfectly match your career, academic and budget preferences.

Once you have decided your career pathway and have selected the course you wish to study it is equally important to get admission to the right institution. There are hundreds of institutions which offer similar courses you wish to study…. How will you decide which institution is best for you?

Our expert provides you admission guidance based on your profile, area of interest, academic scores, test scores, financial budgets and preferred location etc.

They give you full information about the ranking and opportunities so that you make an informed decision while selecting the right university for you.

They are fully trained and equipped to help you with the admission requirements which include application process, making resume, statement of purpose, portfolio etc. We do regular follow-up with the university so that you get the timely decision and have sufficient time to apply for your visa and make a travel plan.

We understand the value of money spent and try our best to get students some form of financial aid in the form of tuition fee bursaries, scholarships, application fee waivers, etc.

You will be surprised to know that Scholarship opportunities are numerous. Many schools or organisations that offer Scholarships & Financial aid fee waivers are awarded to international students on the basis of academic merit and the need for it. Though these awards will be at the discretion of the Scholarship Committee of that institution. Candidates with strong academics, good performance on standardized exams & extra-curricular achievements would be eligible for scholarship awards & financial assistance.

But this information needs to be presented in a manner that it gets highlighted and noticed.

Iexplain has set up unique resources to give step-by-step guidance for the entire process. Our systematized approach and network with Universities help students to be successful in their scholarship applications.

We also highlight those programs that have internship options, industrial placements, etc to help students get a foothold into the workplace much before they set out to look for jobs during their study and post-study periods.

Most public sector banks and private banks provide education loans to students for pursuing higher professional or technical programs abroad. Sanctioned loan can be used to cover university fees, purchase of books, equipment, travel expenses and purchase of computers.

We help you connect to the bank/financial institution who can help you get the education loan for your studies. Our experts can also guide you with the documentations and requirements for getting an education loan.

Our skilled visa experts will help you prepare and present your visa documents to Embassies and High Commissions to ensure a successful visa outcome in minimal time.



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