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MBBS In Russia

MBBS In Russia

Being the center of attraction globally, for those who choose to Study MBBS in Russia, the country provides extreme exposure. Russia is a country full of opportunities for medical aspirants with standard facilities and infrastructure. With the most advanced educational strategy, Mbbs in Russia can be one of the most suited destinations for medical aspirants.

Along with being affordable, the course MBBS in Russia is the most preferred course by national and international students because of its quality education. The Medical faculty at the top medical universities of Russia is highly skilled and experienced.

The students opting to study MBBS in Russia will experience a multicultural environment, quality medical education, and international exposure, encompassing high-package placements at top medical institutions in Russia or abroad.

MBBS in Russia

Climatic Conditions

Long cold winters Brief warm to hot summers


NEET Qualified

Medium of study


MBBS Duration

6 Years (Include Internships )

MBBS In Russia - Top Ranked Universities 2023

Russia Facts

Russia is the largest country in the world as far as landmass is concerned. This former Soviet republic spreads across Asia and Eastern Europe and has about 11 different time zones. This huge landmass, therefore, is extremely diverse, having everything from deserts to the Arctic Tundra, semi-arid steppes to dense forests. Russia also houses the world’s deepest lake i.e. Lake Baikal.

Almost all the universities here are funded by the government. This makes the fees very affordable for the students.

Russian visas take a total of 5-6 working days to process and reach the students.

The NEET Qualified for being eligible for admission here is 145-155 (for General candidates) and 125-135 (For SC/ST/OBS candidates).

1 Russian Ruble = INR 1.00 (checking the latest currency on 26-04-2023).

Russian universities have decent connectivity, making it easier for students to reach there. Most universities here are connected to the nearest metro stations. For those not having this facility, university buses are available to pick and drop students.

MBBS in Russia degrees is eligible for further studies and practice in India as they fulfill all the criteria of the NMC Gazette.

Russia is home to the longest railroad in the world, which is the Trans-Siberian Railroad (9,289 KM).

Russia has a huge Indian diaspora and has been impacted by Indian culture there. From groceries to pop culture, Indian students will definitely feel at home.

Even in terms of the populace, Russia is diverse as it houses several different nationalities, ethnicities, and religions. This has led to this nation becoming one of the hubs of international commerce and other activities, which allows it to give tough competition to nations like the United States and China. In terms of MBBS abroad, Russia is indeed the most sought-after destination in the world.

Documents Required

Certificates and Marksheets(Class X and XII)

NEET Scorecard


Passport size photographs (number mentioned by the university)

Covid tests

HIV tests

Latest criminal background check

Student Life In Russia

Being far from home and in a new setting can always be overwhelming for international students who’re here for MBBS study in Russia. Therefore, it’ll only be helpful if students get a headstart as to what their life can possibly be in Russia. These points do give a basic idea of life during MBBS in Russia for Indian students.



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