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Study MBA in India for Indian Students:

The Master of Business Administration, or MBA, is perhaps one of the most coveted postgraduate study programs globally, and due to a large number of popular MBA colleges in India, the country is an attractive place to do it.

Whether you’re an early-career professional looking to ramp up your business acumen after your bachelor’s degree, a mid-career professional looking to switch function, industry or location, or you have entrepreneurial ambitions, the MBA syllabus will have something for you.

Here’s everything you need to know about applying to MBA courses in India, including the top MBA colleges to consider, a breakdown of eligibility criteria and types of MBA entrance exams, and details of the MBA admission process.

The Scope of MBA Study in India

  • The scope of MBA in India is increasing day by day. It is one of the big job oriented professional programme and most preferred programme by the students.

  • Students can get great job opportunities in the industrial world, once they have completed their degree. They can get designations as an executive or manager.

  • MBA is the management term which is most suited to managers and thus students can reach on top by using their working proficiency and leadership skills.

  • MBA professionals can work in any sector including government and private and it can contain many industries, companies, institutions or related organizations etc.

MBA Course Overview

Some MBA colleges offer specialized courses in which students can tailor the MBA curriculum toward a particular goal, for instance, International Business. However, most MBA courses aim to equip students with a broad range of skills.

Core courses on the usual MBA syllabus include:

Finance and accounting


Leadership and organizational behavior


Business ethics

Eligibility Criteria to take MBA Admission

Advantages of Studying MBA in India for Indian Students

Following are the advantages of ‘MBA in India’: Better job opportunities

For a student, an MBA widens the spectrum of job opportunities and job profiles. Students who have done an MBA from the top B-schools can go to higher levels of management and can become managers and senior managers, which surely does mean a higher position in the organization but it will also bring higher responsibilities. To hold leadership roles in an organization, a person gets the credibility from the MBA degree of topmost B-schools.

Greater career growth

It might take many years for a mere graduate to go upwards in the corporate hierarchy and might not move beyond a certain level. Having a higher degree becomes important for a graduate to reach the senior management levels. An MBA graduate from a top B-school has better chances of escalating upwards to become a CEO, CFO, CIO, CTO etc. as he starts his career from the mid-management or senior management level.

Greater Challenges

Student’s limits of learning are widened by doing an MBA. It just constantly challenge the student with different situations by getting the student out of his comfort zone, deal with the latest issues, and by applying the newest management techniques.

Consolidated Corporate Network

Students get to interact with colleagues, professors, and teaching staff those who are usually former or current business people, with great on-field experience, and thus this puts the student in a good position in life and their consolidated corporate network becomes stronger.

Better Pay Packages

Greater pay packages are surely offered by an MBA degree from a good B-school. The salary after an MBA becomes at least triple for a simple graduate engineer. Even in the times of recession, the top tier B-schools have maintained the tradition of high salary packages being offered to its students over the years.

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